Brotherhood Seminar

Updated: May 27, 2020

We know you're tired of sitting at home and we're sad we can't see you! To help keep our program going, we're holding two Brotherhood seminars next month: Sunday, May 10, and Sunday, May 24, both at 3:00 PM. You only need to attend one unless you just want to come to both.

We invite you to join us so you can seal your membership in the Order of the Arrow. Take this next step with us so you can fully understand the Ordeal. We'll review all of the Brotherhood requirements and help you understand everything. Then when you're ready we can even do your questioning to make sure you know everything. This way all you have to do is show up at the Ordeal or Thursday night of summer camp to go through your ceremony.

The Brotherhood requirements and study guide can be found at the bottom of

The Zoom meeting link was sent by email or you can get it in our Facebook group. RSVP by replying to [email protected]. If you have any questions or need the Zoom link you can ask there as well.



Training Chairman