• Parker Stephens

2022-2023 John Dowe Scholarship

Updated: Apr 4

Through his extended Scouting family, John Dowe had a positive effect on the lives of young people across the nation for over seventy years. John believed deeply in the benefits of Scouting and the Order of the Arrow as these organizations provided challenges and positive role models, peer groups and effective methods that continue to instill values. At its very core, Scouting helps our young people develop a sense of patriotism, service, and the ability to tell the difference between right and wrong.

These are qualities John himself embodied both as a Scoutmaster and as an adult adviser to the Order of the Arrow, Scouting’s National Honor Society.

In 2011, we awarded the first $1,000 scholarship given in Mr. Dowe's memory. Applications for this year's scholarship are now available here and are due March 31. This year we anticipate awarding multiple scholarships. These scholarships are good for college, trade school, or any other post-high school education program.

Contact us here if you'd like to make a donation to this endowed scholarship.