• Parker Stephens

Heartland Gathering 2018 Review

The 2018 Heartland Gathering was a great success. Our lodge members worked hard to earn the following awards: First place - Addison Broom fancy dance, website (Micah Olson), Instagram, Wischixin, Quest overall, best trained, lodge chief show competitions; Second place - Addison Broom fancy dance outfit, admin events overall; Third place - volleyball, Ultimate.

Thank you to all who attended and a special thanks to Coosa Lodge, WWW for hosting this great event!

Also we would like to congratulate Austin, Joseph, and William on having been elected to serve as our new section officers!

For my first Gathering(Conclave!!!), I had a blast. It was an amazing experience overall. I had fun competing in Quest events to Patch Trading I will never forget the teamwork and the brotherhood that lead us to make new memories and to victory to claim "Best All Around Lodge" for the Seventh Year in a row. For me at least, Alibamu 179 will always be the best lodge in all of SR-9 and the entire OA. See yah next year.