• Parker Stephens

Heartland Gathering

The Heartland Gathering is the highlight of our year. The week- end is full of fellowship, food, training, shows, and more! Our goal is to take 54 delegates. Will you be one of them? We need your help to defend our Quest (athletics) and Best All Around Lodge titles. Come watch Adam and Addison compete in the drum and dance competitions. This is a great opportunity to jumpstart your participation on the drum and dance or ceremonies teams.

Gathering is April 20-22 at Camp Comer in Mentone. We'll depart about lunch time on Friday. If that's a big problem talk to Logan or Mike before signing up. The cost is just $39. New this year you have to register at www.SR-9.org. We cannot accept registrations at our council office. The trading post deadline is February 28 so make sure to order early.