The 2022 SR-9 Indian Winter will be held at Camp Benjamin Hawkins, January 7-9.


The event will be American Indian activity focused and will offer Arrowmen a hands on approach to the American Indian aspects of our Order. Indian Winter will feature a program that offers “make and take” style training classes as well as instructional classes. The classes will cover a wide range of topics including ceremonies, dance and drum, beadwork, and regalia. The instructors will be top-notch experts from throughout Section SR-9 and ready to help you expand your American Indian knowledge. There are other classes available as well for those are not into the American Indian side of the OA.

Groups will be leaving after school on Friday, January 7. Contact us ASAP you have any problem with carpooling with either of these groups.

Visit the SR-9 website for more information and stay tuned to our site, our Facebook group, and our newsletters.