2022 Allogagan Mail-In


Brotherhood Study Guide (The password is the seventh word on the Foreword page of the OA Handbook)

Ordeal Candidate "Horseshoe Pack" Gear List

Call-Out Ceremony

Pre-Ordeal & Ordeal Ceremonies (password is the Admonition)

Brotherhood Ceremony (password is the Answer)

Vigil Ceremony (password is the Watchwords)

Webelos Crossover & Arrow of Light Ceremonies (Must wear Class A uniforms, not Indian regalia!)

12 Month Camper Award

OA Elections - Youth Report - New 7/2019

OA Elections - Adult Nomination Form - New 12/2020

OA Troop Representative Form

Vigil Nomination Form - Due 4/15 each year

Declaration of Intention to Run for Alibamu Lodge Office